Government Arts And Science College - Thittamalai

அரசு கலை மற்றும் அறிவியல் கல்லூரி - திட்டமலை

(Established in the year 2017, Affiliated to Bharathiar University.)
Thittamalai, Nambiyur, Erode 638458

About Our College

Let student creative and make a different

Introduction to Our College

Government Arts and Science College, Thittamalai is affiliated to Bharathiar University Coimbatore. The college is located near Thittamalai Murugan Temple. Government Arts College was started in the academic year 2017-2018. Our College started with five courses and the college later upgraded with various arts, science subjects.

Core values
  • Academic integrity and accountability
  • Commitment to excellence in all teaching-learning process
  • Individual and collective excellence to promote professional and personal growth of all students
  • Inculcating the values of righteous conduct and co-existence amongst the students so as to make them responsible citizens
  • Commitment to the Vision and Mission of the College
  • Creating empowered women through education
  • Promotion of camaraderie and harmony among students coming from different social, cultural and economic backgrounds
  • Focussing on the students who are in dire need of socio-economic upliftment
  • Community service through NSS
  • Promotion of creativity and innovation
  • Inculcating fiscal and social responsibility
  • Empowering students to develop leadership qualities
  • Sensitizing the minds of the students towards the ideals of environment protection, cleanliness and conservation of heritage